Demul v0.7 180428

Area dedicata agli emulatori ed alla loro configurazione e al MAME
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Demul v0.7 180428

Post by xbrunox » 01/05/2018, 11:53

Sul forum di supporto in russo è stata rilasciata la nuova versione del DEMUL ... &start=180

Demul v0.7 180426

* fully emulated scaler/filter, should fix most if not all games which was cut in size if in TV-modes
* filtered NaN UV texture coordinates (Soul Reaver lifebar)
* filtered negative vertex coords (MK Gold with ATI fix)
* allowed upto 128 layers
* emulated primary/secondary render target buffers for Opaque/PunchTrought lists (Agartha proto flashlight)
* fixed MvSC2 SCORE blinking
* handle edge case ELAN IRQs
* auto hide mouse cursor when in full screen (5sec timeout)
* prettify "start in full screen" option
* renamed SPG/GPU display to FPS/RPS
* corrected purupuru device reply (Resident Evil 2)
* fixed xinput crash if attempt to configure inputs during emulation
* fixed few games with inverted "pedal" inputs
* fixed AEG/FEG which might stuck in edge cases (some sounds in MvSC2, ReVolt jump sound, etc)
* fixed RF ID generators for Dinoking, Love&Berry, etc
* small correction JVS I/O Sense line
* patch for Orion Puzzle Collection (workaround for Kalisti SDK bug)
* documented actual game developers in game list

Demul v0.7 180428

* fixed image distortion on Nvidia GPUs
* rebuilt using latest Visual Studio

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