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clrmamepro 4.03added: multi SoftwareList support;

Messaggio da Roman » 20/02/2012, 0:22

clrmamepro 4.03

added: multi SoftwareList support; see below for details

!!! when importing MAME, you're asked if you want to import software lists
since even MAME got some.
If you're not familar with it, don't import them !!!

added: chd version 5 support

removed internal chd decompress/verify process. Deep validation is
now done directly by calling chdman.

For this, you need to go to Settings->Compressor->ChdMan and setup
the path (if not included in %PATH% env variable already) for chdman.

Also the default validation command needs to be entered. Default is
given for latest chdman which comes with 145u1.

!!! Older versions require -verify %1, the current one verify -i %1 !!!

During validation you see the chdman console window, so you can see
the progress.

Removed option for read sector map and show bad metadata.
Cmpro now only reads the various headers and checks the sha1/md5 there.

Also I've added an option in the chdman dialog to select your prefered
chd version. If found chds don't match, you will get a warning during
scanning. This replaces the old upgrage/downgrade messages.

!!! The current default value here is 5.
You should set this to 4 if you did not update yet !!!

added: samples extensions wav, flac, ape and sam are supported

added: profiler context menu option to clean cache for single profiles/folders
misc: show warning if sysdefpaths aren't rompaths plus option to auto add them
misc: don't warn about not active sysdefpaths when no path is assigned
misc: setinfo shows standard/mechanical/device/etc in separate branches
misc: systems dialog list standard/device/etc with new captions
misc: improved fuzzy name check in case of double checksums
misc: some general packer handling for empty filenames in archives
misc: some more descriptive rar error messages
misc: removed warning if rompath names match setnames
added: compressor / general option to warn about identical names in archives
fixed: crash on 7z entries with no filename
fixed: possible memleak on illegal 7z file timestamps
fixed: wrong progress title & cancel handling when auto-moving to sysdefpaths

Multi-SoftwareList support:

This version brings you multi-software list support, i.e. multiple software
lists within one xml will be read (single software lists are also supported
of course, no matter if they are standalone or with outer <softwarelists>).

Multi software lists are handled like this:
- all sets (no matter if they got identical names) are added to the current
games list
- for each software list, a new system (system picker dialog) is added
- you have to assign unique sysdefpaths to such new 'systems'
- profile is named after the 1st and last software list (in case of an exe
import, the profile is named after the exe profile description)
- fix dats export all missing files
- datfile export (setinfo window) does NOT export software list roms
- setinfo window's select-sets edit box got a new variable (%l) to pick
roms from a given list
- scanner output of a missing set additionally lists the software list
(can be enabled/disabled via context menu view)

EXE improvements:
- in case of an exe -listxml output (like MAME/MESS) you're asked if you want
to include found software list. You see a list of available ones and
can select none, some or all. In case of some, your selection will be
remembered for a possible future update of MESS/MAME
- in case of 'all', the exe is run once again with -listsoftware
- in case you picked some, cmpro runs "-listsoftware softwarelistname"

Keep in mind that you can drag'n drop rompaths in the settings folder for
a quick way to add all your software lists paths. Then you can use the auto
assign option in systems to setup the belonging sysdefpaths.

You can of course still use singe software list profiles if handling via
sysdefpaths is too complex for you.

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clrmamepro 4.03afixed: 7z crash for

Messaggio da Roman » 20/02/2012, 21:41

clrmamepro 4.03a

fixed: 7z crash for archives which don't use date/time stamps (t7z)
fixed: incorrect removal of sampleof assignements starting with .145u1

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clrmamepro 4.04fixed: scanner crash when

Messaggio da Roman » 01/03/2012, 23:25

clrmamepro 4.04

fixed: scanner crash when using "mark disabled sets as unneeded"
fixed: lib assertion when removing files from zip with double listed indexes
fixed: cmpro crashes within uneeded scan when you let it add rompaths for not existing systems
fixed: rebuilder does not rebuild software lists when they got identical files in non-softlists
fixed: old deprecated dat format is broken
fixed: identical set names can fool cmpro's set check (MAME software lists)
fixed: zip rename can rarely create double entries (you may now run into some not-fixed renames in such cases)
fixed: system's unbind all only fully works after restart
misc: added workaround for a possible MAME/MESS -listsoftware specific output error which leads to wrong rom sizes
misc: slightly changed the text for the softwarelist import prompt and system auto detect button
misc: changed the way how active systems are read from config

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Good work i have

Messaggio da batigol » 06/03/2012, 15:00

Good work Roman....
now i have to study the last change, my english it's not perfect and now i hope that some "badboy" make a good translation of new option!!! (Multi-SoftwareList support) before all

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clrmamepro 4.05added: profiler options option

Messaggio da Roman » 22/03/2012, 21:43

clrmamepro 4.05

added: profiler options option to prompt for software lists import during MAME/MESS import
added: chdman settings option to optionally show version mismatches during scan
misc: auto expand not fixed items in tree control
misc: improved scanner matching for identical named sets / softwarelists (with BIOS roms)
misc: updated to latest ziparchive lib
misc: updated to latest unrar lib
misc: scanner adv option to remove not renamed sets to backup now also applies to roms
misc: removed border from tree scan output (minor cosmetics)
fixed: warning about missing sysdefpaths rarely shows only "..." instead of list
fixed: batch rebuilding doesn't care about forcepacking attributes in dats

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Thanks a lot roman!P.s.If you

Messaggio da josef 1975 » 23/03/2012, 23:52

Thanks a lot roman!
If you remember to update the link to my new italian guide ( on your homepage... Thanks again
PC: i5 3750k 3.80ghz 16Gb Ram Nvidia GTX 970 4Gb SSD128gb + HDD 1TB
CAB: E8400 3.15Ghz 4Gb Ram AMD HD5450 512MB SSD 64Gb+HDD 320GB Immagine

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4.06misc: reset profile to not

Messaggio da Roman » 14/06/2012, 22:15


misc: reset profile to not scanned in case scan was skipped
misc: changed the error message for .7z files which aren't 7z archives
misc: made the three settings/compressor/general options list archive files with comments, +rsh, double names global options. You need to reset them if you used them before
misc: download failure messages are shown in the warnings window instead of a prompt
misc: show file and rom names in progress dialog for rom uneeded check/rom if set is not compressed
misc: general speed up for fix-missing decompressed files

added: CMPro_TempFolder and CMPro_TempFolder_Clean settings to cmpro.ini to let you select the cmpro folder and optionally clean it on startup. Default value is the cmpro temp folder and data gets initially removed. You need to start/quit cmpro once to see this setting
added: logging warnings window entries to cmpro.log (cleared on startup)
added: set information boxes to include devices and/or bios automatically

fixed: chdman verify check fails for rompaths with spaces
fixed: newly created exe profiles can falsely takeover system default settings from loaded profile
fixed: chdversion check for merged sets can hide the result
fixed: xml parser failure when hitting an ending and starting xml comment in one line
fixed: falsely show full set as missing in case of removing unneeded files from decompressed sets

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thank you Roman!

Messaggio da f205v » 14/06/2012, 22:56

thank you Roman!


Messaggio da lycenhol » 30/06/2012, 9:12

Ciao ragazzi. ? un po' che non mi collego.
Stavo cercando di aggiornare il mio set del MAME ma l'ultimo ClrMAME mi fa uno scherzo strano (in realt? anche il 405 faceva lo stesso):
quando faccio lo scan mi chiede se voglio aggiungere i file mancanti ai set Neogeo.
Se dico NO, me li mettte tutti in lista come aventi dei missing files, se dico SI, me li sistema, secondo lui.
Ma se rilancio il programma il problema si ripete.

Cosa sbaglio? ? cambiata qualche impostazione?

Grazie molte per eventuali risposte.


Messaggio da s_bastian » 30/06/2012, 10:45

Prova a TOGLIERE la rom neogeo e a fargliela rebuildare (se te lo da su TUTTI ? facile che il problema sia sul bios)


Messaggio da lycenhol » 30/06/2012, 11:51

CITAZIONE(s_bastian @ 30 June 2012, 10:45) Prova a TOGLIERE la rom neogeo e a fargliela rebuildare (se te lo da su TUTTI ? facile che il problema sia sul bios)

Grazie della isposta
Il problema ? che, come mi avete insegnato voi, ho fatto rebuildare l'intero romset, quindi anche /sleep.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="-_-" border="0" alt="sleep.gif" />

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4.07added: chdman settings option to

Messaggio da Roman » 09/08/2012, 22:52


added: chdman settings option to ignore warning for BADDUMP chds
added: rebuilder advanced option to list matched chds (so that's a first step towards chds rebuilding)
misc: dummy clones/fake clone (100% identical sets) detection now takes chds into account
misc: show prompt for fixing wrong sysdefpath issues
misc: ignoring chds in matchgame function for some speedup here and there
misc: updated rar dll
fixed: crash when using setinformation->show enabled
fixed: create rompaths for sysdefpaths can rarely create an empty path which will then be "current path"
fixed: wrong sysdefpath issue output was sometimes missing when chds and roms didn't share the same path
fixed: sysdefpath auto-rompath creation didn't ask for standard/mechanical/devices

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4.07afixed: wrong sysdefpath prompt reappears

Messaggio da Roman » 21/08/2012, 22:46


fixed: wrong sysdefpath prompt reappears even if you press yes-to-all
fixed: wrong sysdefpath is listed in scan results tree even if it was fixed

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4.08added: batcher rebuilder and scanner

Messaggio da Roman » 21/09/2012, 22:18


added: batcher rebuilder and scanner merge mode overwrites
added: supporting rar and 7z binaries rename operation. However your packer version needs to support it. For 7z, the latest alpha does. If your version does not, you can uncheck the option in settings compressor 7z and/or rar.
misc: updated to 7z sdk 9.22 for reading and unpacking 7z archives (e.g. supports LZMA2)
fixed: wrong unneeded files message in samples folder if you're using software lists
fixed: rare obsolete missing but fixable chd message based on rompath ordering
fixed: decompressed samples in non wav format causes wrong prompts

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4.08amisc: test if 7z/rar rename

Messaggio da Roman » 29/09/2012, 22:16


misc: test if 7z/rar rename operation is available, otherwise it will be disabled automatically.
You need to enabled it manually (if supported by 7z)...I may change that to auto-enable
in the future.
fixed: rare obsolete missing but fixable chd message for sets without roms
fixed: workaround for 7z.exe no-file-in-archive corruption (e.g. after removing all files from it
you were not able to add new files to it)

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4.08badded: parsing of driver status

Messaggio da Roman » 24/10/2012, 23:06


added: parsing of driver status flag (good|imperfect|preliminary), %D can be used for set selection
misc: some minor optimization for fix missing if one and the same checksum reappears in the same set
fixed: 7z utf8 name reading was broken since switch to sdk 9.22 in 4.08 (used local code page instead)
fixed: wrong "wrong placed" / "unneeded" prompt when there are softwarelist/non-softwarelist chd clashes
fixed: wrong prompt for possible rompath addition for disabled sysdefpaths standard/device/mechanical

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4.09fixed: rename profiles (which are

Messaggio da Roman » 04/12/2012, 20:20


fixed: rename profiles (which are based on a xml dat) corrupts xml structure
fixed: fix missing doesn't look into parent set in rompaths in full merge mode it might oversee missing but fixable roms
misc: changed size of compressor settings window

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4.09amisc: take over a set

Messaggio da Roman » 10/12/2012, 21:32


misc: take over a set bad dump chd status flag for all parent/clone instances of that chd

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4.010fixed: 7z working with filenames

Messaggio da Roman » 14/02/2013, 21:23


fixed: 7z working with filenames starting with an "@" fails if the filename also contains a space
fixed: header support: possible infinite loop when file is too short
fixed: header support: wrong hash calculation (in file and memfile) when file is too short
fixed: detection of prefered archive type falsely failed for unpacked sets causing creation of zips
misc: unneeded check also detects obsolete chd folders
misc: explicity test folder for no entries to avoid possible deletion of NTFS junctions
misc: check if file really exist in 7z/rar archives before trying to remove them. Gives a small speed gain

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4.011added: profiler column timestamp when

Messaggio da Roman » 31/07/2013, 22:06


added: profiler column timestamp when dat was added
misc: removed some visual effects (useful if you're using dark themes)
misc: updated to latest ziparchive library
misc: rebuilder log shows more info for 'Exists' and 'Skipped'
fixed: runtime error with 0 sized packed files and header support
fixed: software lists of a previous loaded datfile stay when no xml datfile is loaded afterwards
fixed: batchrun uses previous scan data sometimes incorrectly
fixed: rebuilder destprestring function does not pick clone or bios set when file belongs to them only (issues with e.g. %a)
fixed: 7z/rar removal of unneeded files in archive subfolders does not work
fixed: chds and samples with extensions loose extensions
fixed: xml file header parser can (by mistake) detect a mess -listxml output as a mess software list output
fixed: xml parser crash when xml file is wrongly detected as mess software list ouput (above)