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Eccovi le specifiche tecniche di tale hardware (scheda qui sopra) :

Main CPU : NEC V60 @16MHz (32 bits RISC CPU)
Sound CPU : Z80 @ 8MHz
Sound chip : 2 x YM3438 + Ricoh RF5c68 8 Channel Custom PCM chip (remarked as Sega custom 315-*)
Max Colours : 16384 (8bpp - 16 colours per sprite)
Goes through a 16->512 indirection table, then selects which 512 color bank to take from 4096. This is used to do colour rotations (the red-yellow rotation of the lava sprites from Galaxy force for instance) without changing the color palette, also allows it to have sprites that rotate colors and sprites that don't on the same screen, and to get different levels of luminosity as well
Sprite Structure : Sprites follow each other in memory except when you stumble on a "go to <another sprite>"
Video resoution : 320 x 224
Board composition : Main board + Rom board (& Hard Drive in Jurassic Park)
Board Features : 4 BG planes and technically infinite sprites of arbitrary size, BG planes can all be scaled and linescrolled, alpha blending, global RGB brightness control
Pictures : Main Board - Comm Board

Air Rescue
Alien 3 : The Gun
Arabian Fight
Burning Rival
Dark Edge
Dragon Ball Z V.R.V.S
F1 Exhaust Note
F1 Super Lap
Gale Racer / Rad Mobile
Golden Axe II Holosseum
J League Football / Super Visual Football
Jurassic Park
Looney Tunes - By A Hare
Rad Mobile / Gale Racer
Rad Rally
Sonic The Hedgehog
Spider Man
Super Visual Football / J League Football

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